Astrology Course by Anita Burns & MetaStudies Institute Easy to Learn, Home Study, Distance Learning Complete Astrology Course As an astrologer, you will know more about yourself than you could in a lifetime. You will know more about others than you would after knowing them for years. Astrology gives you the keys to the secrets of LIFE! Start Learning NOW.

Learning Astrology is Easier Than You Might Think!

This Astrology Home Study Course is designed to be progressive and easy. One lesson builds on the other so you are reading charts and understanding astrology quickly and thoroughly. Plus you have a private instructor available for help and consultation at anytime during the course.


Advantages of being an Astrologer. . .



All you are, and all that you were is in your Astrology chart. The information is there for you to use as a way-shower to be the best you can be—personally, professionally, spiritually, emotionally.


Astrology is your roadmap to life. It gives you truth, clear guidance, insight into yourself, and reliable guidance on the best choices to make in life for health, love, business, family, wealth, spirituality, and more.


Your Astrology chart helps you avoid life obstacles and mistakes, make clean and clear decisions and choices, and overcome roadblocks to success.


When you are born, you bring talents, skills, desires, likes  and dislikes, and a plan for life for learning opportunities, growth, working out past life issues (karma), and meeting challenges. Your astrology chart shows all of it.


All of your answers are right there! You can use it for yourself and help others in amazing ways.



Use your knowledge professionally or privately.




Helping Others:


You can help others understand themselves and their lives.



As an astrologer, you help others clear confusion, have an insight into their lives and see a clearer path toward being a better, more successful person for themselves, their family, and loved ones.



You can be a guide to others for overcoming obstacles, making the right decisions, answering questions, and so much more!




What Do You Get With This Course?

Bragging Alert:

30 lessons packed with the best astrology learning possible. It took me over nine years to write this course.


A certification of Astrology Practitioner from MetaStudies Institute with successful completion of the course.


A lot of the course is not available anywhere else. Why? Because of my long association with astrology, a much of the information you get, I learned  in courses, workshops and seminars by master astrologers who did not publish, or their publications and now out of print. For example, the South Node Chart for detailed health information.

Here is What's In Each Lesson:


Lesson 1, Development: The history and development of Astrology and how it moved from a mainstream science to a superstition and is on its way back to mainstream science.


Lesson 2, Components: The Map: Here you discover the building blocks of astrology. You see how it all fits together and how it works.


Lessons 3-6, Signs: These lessons take you deep into the signs of the Zodiac. From Aries to Pisces, you learn the body, mind, and spirit of each sign.


Lessons 7-10, Planets: These lessons show you how the planets and signs are integrated. You learn how the planets affect signs and how that impacts you.


Lesson 11,Celestial Bodies: Celestial bodies such as moons (other than Earth's moon, which is in the lesson on planets), and asteroids. These things fine tune the horoscope. They add flavor and nuance.


Lesson 12, Sign Divisions: Here you will learn about the sub-classifications and divisions of the signs called "decanates." Decanates give each sign three subtle distinctions that influence them. You will also learn about very important points in the chart called the Moon's "Nodes." Nodes, sometimes called Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail, tell of past life lessons and what is to come.


Lessons 13-14, Houses: Now you begin an adventure into the map of the chart— houses. Houses are the departments of life that the planets activate in particular ways. Numbering 1-12, they are the map of life that the planets play in—self will, money, communication, home, romance & creativity, job, health, duty, partnerships, spirituality, karma, fame, and more are all told by how the planets move through the houses.


Lessons 15-19,Aspects: It is here that the intricacies of astrology begin to come forth and come alive. The aspects are what tie the horoscope together and make it an integrated portrait of your life.


Lesson 20, Transits: This lesson begins your understanding of how to take the static chart, the basic you, and see how the planets help or hinder your growth and development through life.


Lesson 21A, Extra Astrology Tools: Here you will learn about the different house systems,  Arabic Points for fine-tuning predictions. You will learn about choices available for astrology software to accurately set up astrology charts.


Lesson 21B, Optional - Calculating the chart: This lesson is optional. With the advent of computers, few astrologers compute their charts by hand. Even still, it is  beneficial  to know and will you understand how it all works.


Lesson 22, Predictive Astrology: Progressions, and other predictive astrology methods help you understand how the cycles of the planets bring about help and challenges in your life. By looking ahead, you can avoid a lot of bumps in the road.


Lesson 23, Pre-natal Astrology: You will discover how the planets affect you before you were even born and can answer a lot of questions about how you are the way you are now. Prenatal imprinting can be seen by looking at your prenatal astrology.


Lesson 24-25, Horary: The study of a very special type of astrology—Horary. Horary astrology answers questions of the moment such as "Where is the ring I lost?" or "Will I win the lawsuit?" and many more questions can be reliably answered using this unique form of divinitory astrology.


Lesson 26, Mundane: An overview and basic introduction to Mundane astrology—the study of how astrology influences governments, earth changes, politics, and global matters. This is even more interesting in the 21st Century with the world in such unrest.


Lesson 27, Health: This lesson gives you an understanding of Medical Astrology. How to determine health weaknesses and strengths and how to use astrology-based holistic medicines to counteract weaknesses and imbalances.


Lesson 28, Reincarnation: Reincarnation in your chart is shown by certain houses and planets. You can look at it and read what kind of person you were last and what you brought with you from that life. Also, many past life relationships can be shown in your chart.


Lesson 29, Relationships: Synastry is a form of relationship astrology where two charts are compared in a special way. Compatibility, harmony, durability, and more is detailed in the relationship between two charts.


Lesson 30, Evaluation for Certification: This is where you get to show off how much you have learned during the course. This lesson is an evaluation for determining your certification.



Plus, BONUS video tutorials.

How the Course Works


This astrology course is as close to having a private instructor as possible and you always have access to private consultation about the lessons.


There is no time limit and you may go as quickly or slowly as you need in order to complete the course.


After successful completion of the astrology course you will be fully qualified to practice astrology either privately or professionally and certified by Metastudies Institute as an Astrology Practitioner.


Gosh, Anita! I received the Astrology Course lessons, and my goodness! I'm impressed and slightly overwhelmed. I had no idea they were so in-depth.


How fortunate I am to have found you. I feel I'm finally getting what I've been looking for all of these years. Thank you so much Anita! --E.O.

Wanted to thank you for making such a great course available and afforable, and also for the quick shipping.- Dale


I'm so excited about including this in my intuitive readings. I used to be skeptical about Astrology, but your method is absolutely the most dead on I've ever seen. My clients are gonna love it! - AJ


Studying astrology with you has been a pleasure. Finally, after years of struggle with other courses and books, I'm understanding it.

You make learning Astrology easy. D.M.


About the Creator of this Course—Anita Burns

I have been practicing astrology since I was 12 years old. That's a very long time. Wow, how time flies.


I took my own experience, discoveries, and the teachings of Astrology masters (both living and dead) and wrote this course. It took me over eight years to write it, and now there are students and astrologers all over the world who have graduated from my astrology course and are leading a more empowered life because of it.


Lessons are affordable, and we offer several payment options, from individual lessons at $15 each, to discounted packs of 5 or 10 lessons, to the full course at an even deeper discount.


We offer the lessons as PDF downloads (printed format option available for U.S. customers).


Lesson exercises may be returned by e-mail as .doc files, Pages, e-mail text, (or by post for U.S students).


Private consultations are included whenever you need them by email, phone, or in person.


Order as few or as many lessons as you like at a time. Special discounts for ordering 5, 10, or the entire course. Lessons are $15 each when ordered singly.


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