Astrology is baloney. WHOA! Not true. Unless it's from regular sun sign column or blog.  In fact, astrology columns are usually not even related to you at all. I know, I write these columns. They fit you completely, only if you were born at 6 in the morning in Greenwich, England. Otherwise, they will only relate a little bit to you.

Life Crisis Cycles in Astrology


Astrology is baloney. WHOA! Not true. Unless you are reading your horoscope in a general Sun Sign column. In fact, astrology columns are usually not even related to you at all. I know, I write these columns. They fit you completely, only if you were born at 6 in the morning in Greenwich, England. Otherwise, they will only relate a little bit to you.


 You are a combination of a unique pattern of planets, luminaries, and stress points that surrounded the Earth at the moment of your first breath. You were imprinted with the combination of forces that influence your thinking, physical body, emotions, and spirituality. I say influence, because that is all they can do. They cannot make you do, feel, or think anything. It’s just that we usually follow these influences without questioning why.

 Much in our horoscope is there to remind us that we need to overcome certain things or strengthen parts of ourself, or develop more of a certain trait. If that message is heeded, we can become empowered, whole beings. Unfortunately, in modern times, Astrology—real astrology, is mostly ignored or unknown.


By studying astrology, you have a huge advantage when it comes to making your life the best it can be, and a way to help others too—especially in Life Crisis Cycles.


 When we are born, we are imprinted with a complex web of energies from the heavens. It tells all about us in detail. As we grow, the planets, luminaries, and other heavenly bodies, keep swinging through the sky and changing positions in predictable cycles. When certain planets swing around to the spot they were in when we were born, this is called a “Return.”

 Some Returns are fleeting and don’t have lasting effect. Others are lingering and have deep impact on our lives. Often, this impact comes in the form of a life crisis. If we haven’t been on our highest and best path in life, Returns can slap us on the noggin to get our attention. “Hey! Pay Attention!!! You need to let go of the past and get going on your now and your future good.”


 How can you know when your Returns are happening? You have to have an astrologer tell you when they are coming up, or learn astrology yourself. However, they occur at a specific age. Our first Saturn return for instance, occurs first at age 29 and 6 months (give or take a little).


 Short Duration Returns:

 Sun: The Sun has a Return every year at your birthday. We usually feel different on our birthday. Depending on how the Sun integrates with the rest of our astrology chart, that could be good or bad. We will either feel empowered, or limited. How specifically, depends on what section of the chart you Sun resides, and what sign it is in.


 Moon: These returns are every 27.5 days but it also has a 19 year major cycle. When the Moon returns to the position it was in at your birth, there will be sudden changes, fluctuations, and surprises. How this specifically expresses depends on the details in your chart.

 Mercury: Mercury is fast. Its effects are often felt in the blink of an eye. Mercury Returns are every 10-11 months. Mostly, Mercury Return is felt two hours before or after sunrise. This is a good time for new ideas, inspired thinking, and creative “ahas.” The details depend on its sign and position in your horoscope chart.


Venus: Venus Returns about every 11 months. The effects of Venus Return is felt within a few hours of sunrise. It could be erotic dreams, or an increase in abundance. It is associated with love, especially if in the 5th house of your horoscope (a section of the chart that deals with romance).


 Mars: Mars returns about every 2 years. Mars is a strong planet that fosters strong emotions. Sometimes, at a Mars Return, arguments and disagreements can start and be especially strong. You might feel a lot of energy, or be extra strong. Good or bad, Mars ups our emotional intensity and shortens our patience.


 Longer Term Returns

 Jupiter: Jupiter returns every 12 years. Jupiter does everything in a large way. Life might seem a bit overwhelming when Jupiter is in its return. You can either crumble or “cowboy up” and go with it. There is also more than the usual talking and tall-tale-telling. Depending on its position in your chart, Jupiter Return could also herald amazing luck, travel, and windfalls of abundance. With Jupiter, the limits are off. Everything is bigger, better, brighter. This effect starts building one month before the return, culminates for about a month, then wanes for another month.


 Saturn: Saturn returns each 29.5 years. This is the nemesis of all Returns, the Dreaded Saturn Return. Whole books have been written about this return. Saturn will affect your life for months, or even years. It is a time of change, growth, and moving past limitations that are outmoded and no longer serving you. It is your passage into maturity and wisdom if you heed the call. It is an invitation to misery and stagnation if you resist. The good news is that you have another 29.5 years to get it right. If you do, then Saturn rewards you with stability, safety, security, and peace of mind. But, all this depends on a lot of thing in your horoscope that interacts with Saturn.


 Uranus: Uranus return is at age 84 so you might or might not experience it. It is about change, sudden transformation, revolution, breaking away, and suddenness. It could mean accidents, violence, or injury. It could mean positive surprises, windfalls, your dreams finally coming through in unexpected ways. During a Uranus return, count on nothing. It will all change, from appointments to things you thought were stable and secure. Things will be different.


 Neptune: It is doubtful that you will live to your Neptune return. However, when Neptune moves over any of your other planets, it will trigger some pretty drastic changes. Neptune is a planet of hidden things. With Neptune, nothing is as it seems. In it's lowest vibration, it can be associated with substance abuse, alcoholism, mental illness, and such. In its highest, it is associated with spiritual enlightenment, visions, and psychic sight.

When Neptune Return hits, you are never certain about anything. You are sure there are hidden agendas, or you look for underlying patterns. Your imagination and creativity are at their highest but you often don’t know how to express it. You might have illnesses that are difficult to diagnose. Have puzzles that are unsolvable, experience subtle energies in strong ways, or begin to see auras.


 Depending on the rest of your horoscope chart, this could be sublime period, or one of distress, chaos, and confusion.


 Pluto: Pluto takes so long to move around the Sun—248 years—that it is unlikely you will ever experience it. However, Pluto can trigger some dramatic changes as it moves over the planets in your chart. It is the “planet” of transformation and change in a big way.

Pluto mostly affects large groups of people, governments, and land movements. It will  trigger anything that is in the part of the horoscope it resides in as it passes through.


Personally, Pluto affect you when it passes over any of the planets and houses in your chart (transits). Its influence can run the gamut from spiritual revelation, to personal power struggles.


 This just licks the frosting on Returns. There is so much more that can be told by your chart. Jupiter and Saturn are the BIG things in most people’s lives. A Saturn return can be devastating if we haven’t grown-up by age 29.5. It is a time of put up or shut up. If we have done what is for our best and highest good, we will hardly notice its passing.


 When I was 29.5 years old, I had never really learned about financial responsibility. When Saturn return hit. I couldn’t raise a dollar to save my soul. It was the hardest three years of my life. I finally learned the value of earning a living.


 If you want to learn more about yourself, learn astrology. It’s the best thing we have to navigate through the reefs of life in a storm









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